10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Christmas is always a fun time for the whole family — decorating the tree, making candy, and watching as a pile of colorful presents appear. Half the pleasure is trying to guess the contents of gifts and the discovery on Christmas morning. Here are some delightful gift ideas for each member of your family to bring a smile to their faces this year. 

Paint-by-Numbers Kit

You don’t have to be a Picasso to create a fantastic paint-by-numbers picture. Painting is a relaxing hobby that de-stresses the mind and provides a feeling of accomplishment. Both kids and adults can experience beauty by their own hands instead of playing video games and surfing the Web. Think of a favorite interest of family members and buy a kit that they will be proud to frame. You may even discover an artist in your midst. 

Personalized Coffee Mugs

There will be no more fighting over whose cup is with a picture, number, or other identifying marks on every family member’s mug. Make them as simple as #1 for dad, #2 for mom, #3 for the oldest child, and so on. Have silly stick figures representing each member or a memorable picture from earlier years to designate individuals. Mugs have more of a special meaning than you think.

Matching Christmas Pajamas

Family matching Christmas pajamas are a pleasant surprise for everyone. Several colors and prints in all sizes will bring joy to every family member. Christmas will be an unforgettable celebration for everyone from toddlers to grandparents, with everyone dressed in designer high-quality sleepwear. From buffalo-checked hoodies to “Blasting Area” butt-flap onesies, Big Feet PJs will make this holiday season one that members will never forget.

Christmas Gift Pajamas

Family Photo Calendar

This is a gift that takes planning. Round up pictures of the relatives at home, on trips, or during special events and turn each month into a walk down memory lane. Once you have those great pictures selected, create uplifting memos to match each month and event. Don’t forget to highlight the special dates for birthdays, anniversaries, and upcoming events. 

Portable Concrete Fireplace

Save the cleanup of an open fireplace with this personal concrete fireplace that can be set up anywhere. Set it up on an outdoor patio table and roast marshmallows, or bring it inside. Turn down the lights and enjoy an excellent movie by the fire. This is a nice novelty to set any family mood for fun. 

Slushie/Shake Maker

Forget about running to the store for a fresh slushie or using a messy blender for a favorite shake. With a slushie/shake maker cup, a welcome treat is just minutes away. Keep a supply of cups in the freezer for each family member to grab and fill with all kinds of flavors. Consider writing names on the containers, as they are prone to get stolen. 

Mini Drone

Now, you can capture those rare pictures by sending a tiny drone to places for fantastic shots. Small enough to fit in your hand, today’s mini drones are capable of snapping photos that can make your social media page explode. Make sure family members are well trained in using this excellent device. 

Unusual Puzzles

Use a collage of favorite movies, unique places, or exciting sports as a scene for a puzzle. Work on it while watching tv or listening to tunes. Set up a card table in a family area and let everyone enjoy finding pieces and constructing a framable puzzle. You will be amazed at how quickly it is completed.

Family-Oriented Marble Coasters

Have a favorite pet or vacation spot that is worth remembering? Have the scene captured in marble and included in a marble coaster set. Don’t be surprised if your favorite picture is consistently moved, so order plenty for the kids to have more than one scene to choose from. This is a great way to get kids to use a coaster on fine furniture. 

Rechargeable Headlamp

Where did that flashlight go? Buy a few rechargeable headlamps and keep them hanging by the front and back door. You can also give them as gifts to family members who are always in need of a light. Convenient and bright light, this headlamp fits securely around your head to free up your hands and arms to carry objects or work on the auto. 

These are just a few suggestions that can replace electronics or gloves this Christmas. Board games, cookies, and personalized items are also well received.

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