Best block toys for growing kids

Listed are the Best block toys for growing kids that cultivate STEM learning — an impressive list for 3+ to 10 years old kids.

Shifu Plugo Link

The game come up with 15 hexagonal blocks and a gamepad. You can download PLUGO app on you iPad or mobile phone and play with 250+ levels. For age group 4-10 yrs.

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Magnetic Building Blocks

These block games come in different block numbers and helps building various buildings such as castle, animals, parks etc. For age group 3+ yrs.

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They come with high quality plastic blocks for all age group children. They help in building motor skills and enhance creativity through interactive play. For age group 4+ yrs.

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Bristle Blocks by Battat

They feature interlocking soft bristle-block for hassle free and frustration free building. For age group 3+ yrs.

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For those parents who think plastic is not good for their kids, here comes blocks made with real high quality maple woods. Helps in construction of houses, porch and bonfires. For age group 3+ yrs.

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Straw constructors

This is totally new way of building items using straws. Unleash your kids with infinite imaginations and help them build their world.

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