Five Tips on Dealing With Your Toddler While Caring for An Infant At The Same Time

Many of our parents have been there, desperately searching the internet for clues about how to handle an infant and a toddler. It can be a lot to juggle, especially those first few weeks when you are all just getting to know each other! However, we have a few tips, tricks, and products that can make things considerably easier. If you find yourself navigating life with a baby & toddler, then read on!

A Time of Excitement and Exhaustion

It’s an exciting time for everyone involved when a new baby comes home. Unfortunately, it can also be an exhausting, overwhelming, and confusing time. Newborns are very demanding, while toddlers’ excitement over a sibling can quickly turn to jealousy. It can seem like there are never enough hours or hands to take care of both children for parents.
Thankfully, we have a few tips that can help get everyone back on track to a happy and healthy routine.

Make a Toddler Play Station

No, don’t give them video games and a play station…Set up a toddler play area just for them! Depending on the hazards in your home and how easily you can monitor the space, you may want to use a gate or pen to define their area. Then fill it with lots of fun and educational toys.
You can include things like a play kitchen, arts and crafts supplies, a little kid table and chairs, and maybe even a bean bag. Wondering how to deal with toddlers who get bored easily? Try cycling their toys every week to two weeks so that they don’t get bored. This will make it easier to keep your toddler safely occupied while you take care of the baby.

Synchronize Nap Schedules

This is much easier said than done, but you will have at least a few minutes of freedom each day if you can coordinate their naps. Use this time to catch up on chores, complete some work, or take a much-needed break! Your toddler will likely have a more regulated and predictable schedule, so it is usually easier to adjust your newborn’s schedule to match.
These precious minutes of downtime are essential if you are dealing with an infant and toddler alone. They also help to ensure your toddler is getting rest and won’t go into a tired tantrum while you’re managing the baby.

Give Baby Wearing a Try

When it comes to meeting both the needs of your newborn and toddlers, we have a simple suggestion that will keep at least one child content. Being near to their parents is a newborn need; fulfill this baby requirement by wearing your newborn.
Invest in a comfortable and quality baby carrier, like a wrap or sling, in which you can safely wear your child. This will free up your hands so you can help your toddler, cook lunch, or do whatever you need to do. Your newborn will find your touch, scent, and sound calming and will hopefully nap peacefully in the carrier.
If a carrier doesn’t work, we suggest trying a double stroller and going outside! Fresh air is excellent for everyone, and a walk-in stroller for two kids can help soothe both your toddler and your baby.

Make Toddler Time a Priority

Whenever possible, make special alone time with your toddler a priority. While you may want to use what little free time you have to take a moment for yourself or even go on a date, don’t forget about your toddler.
A big difference between a 2-year-old and a newborn is that your two-year-old remembers life before a sibling, and this can create feelings of sadness and jealousy. Stave off the resentment by devoting time to your toddler, where you focus only on them. Let someone else watch the baby for an hour to two while you play, get ice cream, or cuddle.


Enroll Them In a Preschool Program

While this may not be possible for every family, if you can enroll your child part-time or full-time in a preschool program, you should! Your toddler will likely enjoy going to school, a special big-kids-only opportunity. While at school, they will meet friends, engage in special activities, and interact with adults devoted to only them. At home, you will only need to worry about the needs of your newborn.

We recommend starting your toddler a few weeks before or after the birth of your baby. This will make it less likely that your toddler will associate school with sending them away so you can focus on the new baby.

The Best for Baby and Toddler

We hope these tips let you create the best situation for both your toddler and your baby. It can be difficult to manage children who are both at a very demanding time in their lives when they are exclusively dependent on you. Remember though; it is just a phase, and soon enough will be nothing but a memory!

Megan Moore

(Contributor to Parents Doodle)
Hi! I’m Megan, a mom of three who enjoys researching and writing during nap times and whenever she gets a free moment! Aside from producing content on Baby Journey, I also love running and gardening. I believe there is no single way to be a perfect parent, so instead, just be a present and authentic one. I go by these three values when it comes to parenting: Trust your instincts, love your kids, and lead by example.

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