Three Common Misconceptions About Dogs And Kids

If you consider yourself a responsible dog owner, it is merely your job to understand dog behavior around kids. In addition, you aren’t allowed to trust the myths and misconceptions existent in our society. In case you accept these misunderstandings at your face value, your pet dog might be at risk!
Dogs are excellent pets for kids, hands down to this fact! However, the followership says that dogs have cultivated over a list of millennial co-evolution, blinding the parents. In turn, the paternities think over the potential problematic relationships between their kids, dogs, and hazard.
Indeed, dog love is great! But then again, obtaining a pet dog can be beneficial. But, parents need to see both sides of the story.
Learn about the ridiculous misconceptions about dogs and kids with us, and embark upon them accordingly.
Here is a rundown of common misconceptions about dogs and kids, listed as follows:

Dogs Are Unhygienic And Can Make Your Kids Sick

With all the poop, fur, and slobber, it makes sense that dogs are considered a health risk for your child. However, in reality, it turns out that dogs such as Great Danes are considered to enhance a child’s life outcomes. That, too, in incredible ways! Ironically, all thanks to bacteria!
Research conducted concluded that kids who grow up living with a pet dog are colonized with two bacteria, including oscillopsia and ruminococcus. The two types of bacteria are associated with lowering the rates of obesity and other allergies in your child.
In addition, a dog offers advantages even before your child arrives. During pregnancy, women who are exposed to dogs deliver a child with a lower possibility of eczema. Parents, who are anxious about the health risks of dogs, should make sure about the hygiene of their dogs. Make sure they wash their hands instantly after playing.

Dogs Don’t Require Training.

Quite a few times, a couple obtains a pup even before they have a kid. In quite a few cases like these, parents might feel that their four-legged companion is exemplary enough and will be fine with their kid. However, in reality, even good dogs require training and benefits from it before meeting a kid.
Adding a child to the pack threatens the creature, who was once the center of attention in the home. For this reason, your dog is ought trained to deal with distractions and follow commands obediently. In turn, this behavior will be able to keep a kid far-off from getting injured.

One Dog Fits In The Family

Dogs rival human beings in the diversity of their temper. For this reason, the better idea is to consider breed characteristics and obtain a pet dog that fits in the family perfectly. For example, a low-maintenance blue heeler is perfect for a family with a busy schedule. On the other hand, Labradors are active dogs, excellent for outgoing kids.
Growing up your kid alongside a pet dog is great, only if you have realistic expectations. Additionally, when you educate yourself, you provide better care to your canine companion too!

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